Thursday, March 25, 2010

If I am going to take the time - it is ALL worth my best effort

So, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I am really trying to focus on refining illustrations and thoughts instead of just doodling and sketching. So, I wanted to show a few steps of the process of working on my Bear and Daisies illustration. It started out as an idea or doodle from my imagination (the dark bear) when I was sitting in my car waiting for yoga class to start, then when I got home, I redrew it more to my aesthetic liking. Now, I am taking my time in refining slowly and with care - as I would work that I do for my corporate "day job." I mean, shouldn't the work I do for myself be treated with as much care as what I do for others? Isn't what I create (whether it be for me or someone else), all "me" anyways? Why would I create with less care just because it is "only personal" work? These are questions I am starting to ask and address.
I also have been continuing life sketching, as I hope to make my seeing and drawing one thing until my drawing is like breathing (oh some day). Concepting, researching, designing and refining are tools to communicate. Drawing is a way of seeing.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

That Part Inside

I thought this piece above was fitting for this week's Illustration Friday Post "subteranean."

As I mentioned earlier, I am taking part in the In the Fishbowl Course by Marisa at Creative Thursday. There were a few questions she suggested we ask ourselves...

Why do I love what I create?
I enjoy seeing something I am proud of and seeing someone else enjoying it is always a bonus.
I enjoy giving people things that I create specifically for that person.
I enjoy the process of seeing an idea or direction or inclination "come to life."
I enjoy the possibility of making something utilitarian and visually interesting or meaningful out of nothing.
I enjoy creating something with someone else sometime (a social thing) - the "creating" becomes a whole new thing.

What makes me lose all track of time?
Solving visual problems.
Hanging out with Donald (his real name is Jon - my husband).
Using my hands - working, creating...
Riding my bike, walking, running, swimming, yogaing.

What does success look like?
Creating things that are useful and interesting to myself or others.
Solving problems to make life better for myself or others.
Being self-sufficient.
Living on very little and having lots of time to live my life as I see it should be (time = freedom).

How do I feel in relation to my work?
Excited and invigorated that I have decided not to box myself in and pre-define what being creative is. I am willing to just following inspiration and see where this takes me.
I am excited to work with others creatively.
I am excited that possibilities are endless.
I am excited that it is not about money.

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Have a great evening!

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Hand Studies

Hands are always so "available" to practice "seeing as drawing."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Together and In the Fishbowl

Above: Work by Marisa Haedike

I have been taking an e-course called Together by Marisa Haedike & Creative Thursday and Sean Hogan and it has been so inspiring. I only wish that I would have had more time to participate. It was great, though - even though I have been so very busy with the remodel, I still was able to listen to their inspiring talks while I worked during the day.

Now that the remodel is coming to a close, I am looking forward to delving more deeply into things again in my personal creative pursuits. I have normally had a hard time saying no to things that have taken up my time when I could be creating for myself, but I am proud to say that I recently turned down a recent venture in order to go after things that are more specifically "my own." It is a top priority for me to focus as much as possible with every decision I make - especially when it comes to things I love to do. "Together" really inspired me to do this even more and I really recommend it, when she offers it again, to anyone who is an artist or is passionate about living a life that they are happy with.

Above: In the Fishbowl by Marisa Haedike

That is why Marisa's next class - "In the Fishbowl" seems very exciting to me. I cant wait to see what she has to say, spend more time meeting other students and applying what I learn from the class to my life. Class starts this Thursday. I highly recommend it!!