Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Together and In the Fishbowl

Above: Work by Marisa Haedike

I have been taking an e-course called Together by Marisa Haedike & Creative Thursday and Sean Hogan and it has been so inspiring. I only wish that I would have had more time to participate. It was great, though - even though I have been so very busy with the remodel, I still was able to listen to their inspiring talks while I worked during the day.

Now that the remodel is coming to a close, I am looking forward to delving more deeply into things again in my personal creative pursuits. I have normally had a hard time saying no to things that have taken up my time when I could be creating for myself, but I am proud to say that I recently turned down a recent venture in order to go after things that are more specifically "my own." It is a top priority for me to focus as much as possible with every decision I make - especially when it comes to things I love to do. "Together" really inspired me to do this even more and I really recommend it, when she offers it again, to anyone who is an artist or is passionate about living a life that they are happy with.

Above: In the Fishbowl by Marisa Haedike

That is why Marisa's next class - "In the Fishbowl" seems very exciting to me. I cant wait to see what she has to say, spend more time meeting other students and applying what I learn from the class to my life. Class starts this Thursday. I highly recommend it!!



  1. thank you so much Jennifer. It's wonderful to have you as a student again. That took some serious bravery to turn down a profitable venture ~ congratulations. In my experience with these kinds of choices you won't regret it. Here's to more going after things that are "your own"!!

  2. Hello, fellow fishie! Just saying hi to my fellow bowlmates!