Thursday, March 25, 2010

If I am going to take the time - it is ALL worth my best effort

So, as I mentioned a few posts ago, I am really trying to focus on refining illustrations and thoughts instead of just doodling and sketching. So, I wanted to show a few steps of the process of working on my Bear and Daisies illustration. It started out as an idea or doodle from my imagination (the dark bear) when I was sitting in my car waiting for yoga class to start, then when I got home, I redrew it more to my aesthetic liking. Now, I am taking my time in refining slowly and with care - as I would work that I do for my corporate "day job." I mean, shouldn't the work I do for myself be treated with as much care as what I do for others? Isn't what I create (whether it be for me or someone else), all "me" anyways? Why would I create with less care just because it is "only personal" work? These are questions I am starting to ask and address.
I also have been continuing life sketching, as I hope to make my seeing and drawing one thing until my drawing is like breathing (oh some day). Concepting, researching, designing and refining are tools to communicate. Drawing is a way of seeing.

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  1. Nice post (fishie) I really love to see where you take your sketches - wonderful. Did you go into the computer for this last stage? Its so clean and crisp. I love this illustration very sweet.